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What IS inflammation? It’s quite the buzzword right now and for good reason. Inflammation, simply put, is our body’s response to cellular injury. Normal inflammation is good or our body wouldn’t heal when we got a cut or had a sore throat.

But what about ongoing or chronic inflammation? We live in a world that’s beautiful and a joy to wake up to each day, but our world also has elements that, over time, our bodies can respond to negatively. Stress, poor diet, environmental toxins and lack of sleep, amongst other things, can cause long-term inflammation. For more on the root of much disease see what Dr. Axe has to say:

Anti-Inflammatory Foods Can Heal

Ongoing inflammation in the body can eventually lead to chronic conditions and disease such as arthritis, heart disease, and colitis. But did you know that food can either contribute to inflammation or lead to its healing? A real-food diet is a great start to keeping your body well. Consuming fruits, vegetables, water, and other unprocessed foods is so important. But if you want to add bonus points to your diet and keep inflammation at bay, there are a few specific foods to add.

We’ve put together a list of these healing anti-inflammatory and harmful inflammatory foods to get you started or keep you on the path to health! Head over here so you can print it off and hang it in your kitchen, or download it to your phone to keep handy while shopping at the grocery store!