Daffodils~A Simple Pleasure1 min read

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Something pushing up from under the wet winter soil is one of my SIMPLE PLEASURES:  Daffodils!

Winter can sometimes be down right dreary, agreed? Especially a grey, cloudy, mucky winter…not one of those crisp snow white winters. And as the rain goes on, we can start to feel down right dreary ourselves, matching the weather. 

I find myself looking for any sign of spring or sunshine- a glimmer of hope- and that’s just what daffodils are! A glimmer of hope, sprouting out of the covering of leaves and mud. It is wonderful that the Lord sends these as if to say, “Spring is coming!” or else…I might have lost my mind… ha! Just kidding!

Spring is coming friends, look for it pushing up, budding out and softly arriving.

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