Don’t Give Up Bread (Eat Real Sourdough Bread!)4 min read

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Eat Real Sourdough Bread

I LOVE BREAD, but not all bread is created equal. I was telling Carolina and Marv (amazing husband) the other day that if I could recommend just one thing to add to someone’s diet that would be a game changer, it would be fully fermented sourdough bread!  I wouldn’t add a supplement, or fancy sweetener, or juicing, or any trendy new ingredient.  Simply eat real sourdough bread.

Have you given up bread and grains or have tried to?  Why?   Because it’s trendy?  To lose weight?  I want to say up front that if you have been diagnosed with Celiac disease, I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to those of you who want to be healthy or lose weight and think low-carb is the answer. 

So think this through.  What is the #1 thing we just can’t seem to give up long term?  Bread.  What is the #1 healthy trend over and over?  Cut out bread.  What if there was another answer?  What if we could be healthy, maintain a healthy weight and eat bread? 

chocolate sourdough bread

Don’t eat the fake kind.

When you start trying to take bread and grains completely out of your diet, you’re almost certain to fail in whatever diet you’re trying to use!  Yes, you can cut it out for a couple of weeks to give yourself a jumpstart, but then you need to move on to something sustainable that can be lived out year after year without misery and failure.  Let’s add sourdough bread to our diet.

I’m not talking about fake sourdough bread.

Sourdough that is available at most stores isn’t true sourdough bread.  It’s white flour (that has little to no nutrients unless it’s fortified), yeast, a few odds and ends, and possibly vinegar.  Yes, vinegar, to give it a bit of a sour taste to hopefully fool you into thinking, “Hey, it’s sour, so it’s sourdough, right?”

Honey, that ain’t the sourdough I’m talking about. (Pardon, my mama just came out in me…)

What’s in Real Sourdough Bread?

Real sourdough bread should have the following components:

  1. Natural Sourdough Starter~There is some debate about what the starter should include, but it’s basically flour, water, and yeast that naturally occur in the air. No commercial yeast should be added (the debated issue).
  2. Flour~We use whole grain with some of the bran sifted out (for multiple reasons I won’t discuss here). Very rarely we’ll make sourdough with unbleached white flour, but remember that whole grains have the goodness in them.  I’ll explain below.
  3. Water~Because you need water to make something wet…

Real sourdough can also have:

  1. Oil
  2. A touch of sweetener (we use unrefined sugar).
  3. Additions such as nuts, dried fruit, cheese, peppers, etc.
sourdough bread, afternoon tea, farmhouse kitchen

Real Sourdough Bread is Allowed to Ferment

Using commercial yeast to quickly make bread doesn’t allow for proper fermentation, which begs the question, “Why does bread need to be be fermented??”  Sounds weird, but bread has been fermented for millennia.  This fermentation process is where the magic happens and enables it to be a good-for-you food and not a cut-it-out-of-diet food.  Want to know more about why we need to switch to sourdough bread?  You’ll want to read “Why YOU should learn to make sourdough bread!”

We Want Our Bread!

We are just not going to give up bread long-term are we?  We’re not meant to, and we don’t want to.   We need bread.  We need the nutrients from it.  We need it’s comfort, it’s homey scent, it’s wonderful chew slathered under butter.  If Jesus is the bread of life, there must be something life-giving about bread.  Instead of giving it up, learn how to make your own sourdough bread and feed your family bread that you know will bless their socks off!  

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