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No matter where you are in your journey, let’s link arms and do it together!

I need some joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart!

Life isn’t always easy, but it can always be full of joy! Join us on our journey of living a joyful life no matter what.

I want my home to be cozy and welcoming for family & guests.

One of the most beautiful yet overlooked gifts you can give is hospitality. You don’t have to have gobs of money or a big house to be hospitable.

I want to stock a healthy kitchen and know how to cook better!

Do you LOVE good food? Wish you could cook and not just follow a recipe? Wish no further. We’ll help you get started!

From Our Farmhouse Kitchen

Bless your family with bread!

How to make sourdough bread that’s easy, delish, and will help you live longer. Read more…

Did you know that whole grain sourdough bread is part of the Blue Zone diet of the longest-lived people in the world? We’ve been teaching sourdough bread-making for years and with our online class, you can make the healthiest, most delicious bread right in your own kitchen.

Don’t miss a single idea or lovely encouragement.

Love new ideas to try in the kitchen, or a little encouragement for the journey? We’ve got you covered!