joyful life, joy, how to manage stress

News Flash! Stress will be with us for our entire lives. It’s how we respond to it that matters. Having joy amidst stress is not up to anyone but ourselves, but doesn’t it feel like if we could just control everything and everyone around us, we wouldn’t have any stress?

I’ve realized that if I can figure out what causes my stress, I can deal with it better. Just this morning I could feel my blood pressure rising and an intense frustration during a simple situation with one of my children. I had to stop and really assess to realize why I was getting so stressed and feeling out of control. Then I could calm down and decide what action to take.

Another trick for myself is to combat the things that want to steal my joy by being thankful for all of the amazing goodness in my life. If I allow stress to control my mindset and actions, I forget all the good things. I literally forget at that moment the lovely things, which we’re supposed to keep focused on.

I’ve put together a quick, simple worksheet for you that hopefully will help you navigate the stressful moments that are certain to come. Head over here and grab yours! Having joy amidst stress will change your life in all the right ways.