Simple Teapot Table Decor1 min read

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teapots, table decor

We’re never particularly fancy decorators, but we DO absolutely love to create a space of warmth and beauty.  Many times that means flowers for table decor, in windowsills, and on bedside tables.  But what about when we don’t have flowers?  

teapots, table decor

Here’s a simple table decor that we use a lot.

Simply take similar items and group them together.  We have quite a few teapots.  The ones we used here are very different than the ones we actually use to serve tea in, though we do use a couple of these from time to time.  But in a row, down the middle of the table, they look fabulous! 

On this table we’ve used a cast iron pot, a silver pot, tiny glass pot, and an aluminum pot. They’re all completely different materials and styles, but in a row on a simple piece of linen, they look beautiful!

Truly Blissful Tips

  • Don’t fret over decor!  Use what you have.
  • Groupings of similar items make a lovely and interesting centerpiece.
  • Common, everyday objects can make beautiful displays in your home.

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