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Ah, sweet spring is right around the corner. Soon, there will be a plethora of singing birds, leaves coming out on the trees, windows being opened and gardens planned. I’m looking forward to our flower and herb gardens coming back to life.

We have planted many aromatic and beautiful flowers before, some of them herbs with dainty blooms. Among our favorites are zinnias, Calla lilies,
peonies (peonies have the most amazing fragrance!), lavender, sage, basil, gardenias, cleomes, Asian lilies, celosia (cockscomb), and snapdragon.

This year I’m trying several new varieties of flowers. Oh, my goodness, have you seen the new flower farms popping up across the country? They are so beautiful to look at, even online! I’ve been perusing some of them for inspiration and have found quite a few blossoms to include in this year’s garden.

Favorite Flower Farms for Inspiration

Floret Flowers: You must take a look at this beautiful flower farm and read their story! You can browse online tutorials, and order flowers seeds!

Flourish: Great for inspiration.

The Farmer’s Florist: Local to middle Tennessee, check out their workshops if you’re in the area!

Baker Creek Seeds: Great source to order heirloom flowers seeds, and more!

Flowers to Plant


Beautifully ruffled, painted in stunning, rich colors, they make nice cutting flowers. These add such texture and fullness to bouquets.

bouquet,  ranunculus, flower garden, nature
bouquet,  ranunculus, flower garden, nature


Though not something I’d plant in the garden, but rather display inside, I’ve been intrigued by these unique tropical plants for a while. I’ve seen the common varieties at the store, but I would like to try some very unique kinds that I’ve seen, such as the Monkey Face Orchids. I’d also really like to try some of the heavily fragrances kinds, such as Chocolate Orchids... that smell like chocolate, or the “Coconut Pie” Orchid, and the “Lady-of-the-Valley” that has an amazing floral scent. There are so many others-like a lemony scented one- but those are the three I’d like to start with. Flying Duck Orchids are really cool as well- thought you’d have to hop on a plane to Australia to see them; they cannot grow without the special fungi native to the area.

bouquet, orchid, flower garden, nature


These purple balls are related to onions and are such fun! They make a statement all on their own, and are easy to grow. We have grown the small chive variety, but have yet to grow large ones that can be about 6 inches across!

bouquet, allium, flower garden, nature


Rather like a thistle, and used to make oil, this under-appreciated beauty adds dimension and interest to lovely bouquets.

bouquet, safflowers, flower garden, nature

Confederate Star Jasmine

One whiff of the ol’ Confederate Jasmine, you feel a quiet feeling reminiscent of the sweet lifestyle known to the south- sitting in the shade on a front porch, perhaps shelling peas, singing an old tune whist refreshing yourself from hard work with a glass of sweet tea. This vine is named Confederate because it does so well in the southern states, and is commonly grown there. It’s known for its blissfully intoxicating scent.

jasmine, confederate star jasmine, bouquet, flower garden, nature

Sweet Peas

I do love old, traditional, soft and simply elegant flowers- and to me, these perfectly fit that description!

bouquet, sweet pea, flower garden, nature


I have planted lovely and favorited hollyhocks and marshmallow before, but have yet to been able to actually produce flowers! So this year, I’d like to try these stunning blue towers also known as larkspur.

larkspur, bouquet, delphiniums, flower garden, nature


Splendid spirals of flowers! Colorful and add such beauty to a bouquet.

bouquet, lupine, flower garden, nature


A member of the ranunculus family, these beautiful flowers are simple, clean and bright.

bouquet, anemone, flower garden, nature

“She sprouted love like flowers, grew a garden in her mind, and even on the darkest days, from her smile the sun still shined.”

Erin Hanson

Well, do you like to grow flowers? Which are you most beloved varieties? Or perhaps you have a nice memory of flowers your Grandmother used to plant?Share with me below- I’d love more inspiration, for, who could ever have too many flowers!? Or join us for Cozy Conversations on Creating a Lovely Life!

Hooray for SPRING!

garden, flowers, flower, bouquet, hospitality, elegant, table setting, spring, seeds, easter, anemone, flower garden, inspiration, nature, truly blissful living, Carolina, cheers

Psst! Pro Spring Flower Enthusiast: If you curl up with a lovely garden book or seed catalogue, you’ll probably need a cozy drink to enjoy whilst you browse!
Try this special recipe: Spiced Turmeric Latte

….you’re welcome… 😉

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