The Messy Side of Hospitality3 min read

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See that picture below?  That’s of me at our 2019 Harvest Festival.  I look pretty calm, right?  Well, you could caption this picture “Good gravy, what a crazy 2 weeks this has been!?!”

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I love to show hospitality.  I love to have people to our home and to host events on our farm.  But hospitality can be messy, and if you could peek behind the scenes into our home, you would find some moments that aren’t exactly peaceful during our prep for hosting guests.

You might find these thoughts during my process of showing hospitality…

  • Oh, my gosh, why can’t we keep the house clean so we’re always ready for guests!
  • Can we please get this crap (sorry, but this is real life…) picked up in here?
  • Farms are supposed to picturesque.  We’ve got to get this wood, barrels, junk, boxes, etc. moved!
  • I bet those people keep their houses perfect all the time.
  • This isn’t done, that isn’t done. Ahhhhh!!!!
  • I hope our guests like what I cook for them.

Do you ever think these things when you’re going to have someone over?  

The thing is, it doesn’t matter if you’re planning a major event for 200 or just supper for another family, it can be stressful.

The last couple of weeks preparing for our 2020 Harvest Festival has given many opportunities for being grouchy and stressed.  Things have to get done, but I tend to think, “What if they don’t get done?” “What if I miss something?”  “What if my family doesn’t do what they need to do?”

These thoughts can turn to stress that can turn to friction with others.  And that’s no fun. 

So I take a deep breath, consider the worst case scenario, and then realize, it’s really not that big of a deal.

The really big deal is my relationship with those around me and the guests that are coming.  

Hospitality is about relationship.

Who cares if it’s all just so?  Do YOU care if everything is perfect when you’re invited to someone’s home? Of course not!

But people do care if you’re grouchy or disconnected.  Because the sweet, gentle spirit we should have is gone, and there’s nothing good left to give to those precious people in your life.

What about YOU?  Are your “behind the scenes” of showing hospitality at your home like mine?  If so, here are a few things to remember:

  1. People don’t really care if your house is perfect or your food is perfect.
  2. You want your family to love showing hospitality, so don’t be grouchy every time you’re having guests.
  3. Preparation is key. Daily 5 minute pick-up’s can help alleviate that last minute crazy cleaning session!
  4. Keep meals simple.

Need a little more help? Get our simple Hospitality Toolkit!

Love to you, and I pray you’ll have that sweet spirit when the stress comes.

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