Why You Should Learn to Make Sourdough Bread3 min read

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My Epic Bread Fail

Years ago I was given a bread machine as a gift.  During the 90’s they were all the rage!  I used it a few times and at actually worked.  I made plain old yeast bread, nothing fancy.  Several years later I had a dear friend who had a Bosch mixer and could whip up 6 loaves of bread in an hour or so.  Wow!  I was so impressed.  I couldn’t get a mixer at the time, but I got that machine back out and tried to make bread again.  Notice the word “tried”?  It just would not work.  Forget it.

A couple of years later my sweet Georgia peach (#4 child) was a bread and grain addict and had bad teeth.  I knew enough to know that this had to do with her gut and was bad news.  I also knew enough to know that properly made bread was my answer.  I tried my hand at sourdough bread.  Y’all, when I say epic fail, I’m talking on the scale of Troy and the Trojan horse!  The word “brick” comes to mind when I think of that bread. 

I finally found what seemed to be a bonafide bread class, which greatly improved the eatability of my bread.  Needless to say, my family was very happy to not be guinea pigs anymore. (and I finally got that Bosch mixer!)

Over the years I’ve honed my skills and tried to make the process as simple as possible so any home cook make make it.  Several of my children and my husband can make it!  We’re talking easy!  Now I even teach classes on it. You can find more info by popping here–>> Sourdough Simplified Bread Course

Why should we eat fully fermented sourdough bread?

  • The fermentation process increases the beneficial bacterias for your body. Happy, happy gut!  This fermentation process also breaks down four gluten-forming proteins, so lots of folks with gluten intolerances can eat sourdough bread. (I do not recommend this bread to those with Celiac Disease.  Please research for yourself.)
  • Sourdough bread has a lower glycemic index which will cause fewer blood sugar spikes.
  • Sourdough is easier to digest. The bacteria-yeast breaks down the starches in the grains which basically pre-digests the bread.  Yes!
  • Phytic acid binds to minerals making them unavailable.  The Lactobacillus in sourdough neutralizes the phytic acid, making a host of vitamins and minerals available for absorption.
  • Sourdough bread is the real, live, traditional bread that has been eaten for millennia.  Yum!
  • Fermented bread doesn’t promote tooth decay!
  • Sourdough bread tastes amazing with much more flavor than fast-rising, yeasted, white flour bread!
  • My mom is diabetic and is able to eat sourdough bread.  My brother has Hashimoto’s and is able to eat it as well. 

Here’s an easy recipe for Sourdough Tortillas you can try.  I promise, you’ll be glad you did.

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